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Excellent Custom Essay Writing Guide

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Essay writing can be daunting, with students worldwide struggling with homework and virtually all other assessments. Against this backdrop, you should recognize that these class assignments assume different forms, suggesting uninformed learners are less likely to differentiate a report from a research paper. Notably, each type of writing requires you to use specific language features to fulfill the intended purpose.

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It is increasingly common for students to confuse a report with a research paper primarily because they do not know how they are defined and structured. Similarly, the University of Babylon recently admitted that “the definition of essay has been vague from time immemorial.” Today, the broadly accepted definition says essays are based on the authors’ perspectives, often written in prose. Therefore, we can assume that essays oscillate between non-fictional and fictional writings because they seem subjective.

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Essay writing is categorized into four significant groups: critical, descriptive, persuasive, and analytical. For instance, as a college student, you will integrate critical writing to review the literature and establish a research gap. In addition, descriptive and analytical aspects come in handy when summarizing methods, collecting, analyzing, and reporting information. Similarly, persuasion becomes crucial in relating findings to research questions and proposing their interpretations and implications.

Custom Expository Essay

If asked to write a candid expository essay, the teacher expects you to dig deep into a specific topic and associated themes to generate an idea. In sum, you will analyze evidence and structure an explanation or exposition. While an expository essay emphasizes structuring an elucidation, an argumentative one requires the student to address the main supporting and opposing viewpoints before justifying their position.

What CUSTOM Essay Writing Entails

In the class context, you will encounter wide-ranging academic papers. Today, you must have noticed that your formative and summative tests vary in objectives, format, length, and overall presentation. These differences define whether the assigned task is an assignment, essay, thesis, research paper, book or movie review, or coursework. Consequently, this guide briefly describes and highlights the significance of these academic papers to students.

CUSTOM Descriptive Essay

As the name indicates, a descriptive essay revolves around the critical components of language: metaphors, verbs, adjectives, and similes. The instructor will ask you to describe something or someone as vividly and exhaustively as possible as a student. A textbook example involves writing about the adverse impacts of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the digital divide. Such a topic provides an ideal opportunity to identify key terms and describe their subtle aspects. In this respect, descriptive essays are creative-like writing assignments.

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