12pages paper of median and polical

No similar work accepted.IT MUST BE A UNIQUE WORK FROM YOU
All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the Turnitin.com reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers.
tandard research paper, but it must focus on some aspect of media and politics . Again, a clear
thesis is needed that established the relationship between some aspect of the political process
and media use or coverage. You may address effects, strategy, historical aspects, etc.
1. Not supporting a statement with examples of documentation.2. Not citing sources frequently enough. (Every time a fact is stated, you need to document it.]3. Incorrect citation form (author, yr. of publication) or if direct quote (author, yr., pg. #) Use A.P.A. style.5. Use of inappropriate or inadequate internet site.6. Rambling form and structure. Not working from an outline or with paragraphs structured around a thesis statement.7. Style too informal, chatty or colloquial. This is a scholarly paper, not a letter to me.8. Reliance upon a single resource or cite for paragraph after paragraph….(This shows a lack of research, depth of thinking or both.)9. Not including the classic or key resources or studies in the bibliography. This is a dead giveaway that you did not :odo thorough researchostart early enough10. Referring to studies or works and not citing them in the bibliography (…usually because they were cited in a resource you were using and you didn’t take the time look up the original source; that’s very dangerous…).11. Improper punctuation and spelling (See a grammar style manual and SPELL CHECK!)12. Improper punctuation of a program or series title ( in italics or underlined) or episode titles (in “quotes” like a book chapter or article…).13. No introduction or conclusion (i.e. no beginning, middle or end).14. No clear main points; rather ideas which run together without clear relationships explained. 15. Use Headings and sub-headings in Bold to indicate major sections of your paper. Those should correspond the Roman numerals in our outline. 16. Improper paragraph structure or NO paragraphs (i.e. paragraphs that go ON and ON and ON……).17. Over generalization. BE SPECIFIC and then support with fact.18. Turning in your first draft. I know time is limited, but NEVER turn in a first draft of a paper. It always shows. The writing will be unclear, awkward and rewrites ALWAYS make it more polished and result in a better grade. Try to “sleep on it” at least one night before you make revisions. “Fresh eyes” can make a world of difference. In order to do that , you must…… 19. START EARLY!!!!20. Topic is too broad or not narrowly defined. Be sure to have topics approved so this can be avoided.
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