Analyze the company’s dimensions of organizational culture

Assignment 1:

Using information from textbook (Chapter 3), news articles, company websites, digital library searches, etc. analyze the company’s dimensions of organizational culture.

Submit a two-page preliminary examination of the chosen organization’s Organizational Culture (Porsche Automotive Industry). Students are to select at least 3 components of culture the organization exhibits well. The 3 dimensions of culture can be selected from the 8 dimensions presented in the iBook Ch. 3.

A successful submission will include:

– Content that demonstrates the student understands the various dimensions of organizational culture and can identify at least 3 dimensions of the culture the organization does well.

– Provide an example of a program or service the organization hosts that illustrates each of the selected strong 3 dimensions of culture.

– Content used from the selected organization’s website as well as content from iBook Ch. 3.

– Both the organization’s website and the iBook are used as sources and need to be cited and referenced in the paper.


Approximately 250 words