CHAD and Lingustic

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CHAD 168n (I do not have the pdf textbook; it is called  Clarke-Stewart, A,., &Parke, R. D. 2014. Social development (2nd ed.) Hoboken, NJ )
Review the section in the chapter about the notion of the online self (p.157 in textbook).  Answer all of the following questions.  Your most thorough and specific response should be to question 4 in bold, to show your understandings of the theories about identity development.     
1.  What are your experiences in using media like the internet to explore identities?
2. Do you they think this will increasingly be a means of identity formation for adolescents?
3. Do you think our online identity matches our true self-concept?  Why or why not? 
4. How could this type of identity exploration possibly change theories of identity formation?
5. One of the reasons there are gender differences in self-esteem is the physical ideals for females presented in the media, how do you think social media impacts males/females/nonbinary or non-gender conforming adolescents differently?
6.  Based on everything learned in this module, what is one thing you suggest schools (K-12) should do to decrease implicit bias.  (you can focus on SES, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, ESL or any specific bias you want)
After filming the fluency lecture, I decided not to make another video/slide set for narrative arc and story schema. Instead, I have a few reflection questions Id like you to answer after you read Cunningham & Zibluskys Ch. 4
Narrative arc and story schema are both related to text comprehension.
Narrative arc shows students that stories almost always follow a pattern. The human brain is hardwired to think in stories, and there is a predictable structure to those stories. Further, we can use these stories to relate to our own lived experiences, and potentially learn.
Watch the following clip, and use the story arc worksheet to follow along with the story:
Pixar Short Narrative Arc (Links to an external site.)
1.    How could you use this clip to teach students about conflict? How about themes? What would you talk to students about as they filled in the story arc worksheet for each section? In what ways could you help them relate the clip to their own lived experiences? Cite Cunninghams ch. 4 in your answer, if possible.
Story schema refers to the general framework of stories. One of many frameworks includes the heros journey. Take a look at this clip for more information:
TedED A heros journey
What makes a hero? – Matthew Winkler (Links to an external site.)
1.    Children develop more sophisticated versions of story schema as they hear more stories and gain more life experiences. What do you think this means in relation to the heros journey?
2.    How does the heros journey offer opportunities to teach a concept like cause and effect outside of non-fiction texts? Why is this important for students to know and understand as we build fluency and comprehension skills?

Learning Game
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Directions are in the fluency lecture materials (DO NOT SHARE THE VIDEO).


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