Checklist for Final Paper

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This assignment involves answering some questions about your research paper, based on a checklist.  Answer these questions about your final research paper:

1.  What am I trying to prove?  1-2 sentences.

2.  Write down five specific examples that you use to prove your thesis.
Each example should be about 1-2 sentences.

3.  Do I include in-text citations using APA format, after factual information?  Yes or no?  Read your paper again carefully and make sure you did not forget any citations. 

4.  Have I thought of a good title for my paper that’s interesting and lures the reader in?  If so, what is your title?  If not, think of one now and write it down.

5.  Have I added enough of my opinions in relation to the factual information that I’ve included?  In other words, is there an equal balance of fact and opinion?
Yes or no?  If no, add more opinions.

6.  Did I include my references page and did I do it according to APA format and style mentioned in the book? 

7.  Did I proofread for errors?  You should read your paper at least four times before sending it to me.  Yes or no?

8.  Did I write 12-14 pages and use 12-14 sources?  Yes or no?

9.  Is my conclusion long enough and strong enough?  Does my last sentence leave the reader with something to think about?  How can my last sentence or thought be improved?


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