Educational Procedures for Moderate to Profound Disabilities

ELSE 6073 Educational Procedures for Moderate to Profound Disabilities
Summer Peer Support Research / Presentation – 100 pts.
There are numerous strategies for promoting social relationships and encouraging school participation for student learners without disabilities. However, when it comes to fostering friendships, social relationships and school participation in students with a severe disability, professionals must be resourceful and intentional in finding research to support and promote
these kinds of relationships.
As a graduate candidate in the special education program, you are expected to learn to draw logical connections from research to practice and to learn to select appropriate evidenced based or research-based practices or programs to meet identified student needs. In this project,
candidates will write a 3.5 – 5 page paper based on current literature that addresses proven strategies and techniques used to promote social competence and development of peer relationships for those students who have been identified with moderate to severe disabilities.
YouTube Video Presentation of his/her Research. Video is available for the instructor to view. Video
should include:
• Introduction
• Statement of purpose
• Summary of literature
• Impact on student learning
• Anecdotal thoughts for future
The following guidelines should be observed to ensure a successful final product.
➢ Paper should adhere to the Learning Outcomes provided in Chapter 11 of our text; thus the following should be addressed within your paper:
o Importance of peer relationships in the learning and lives of students with severe disabilities.
o Types of relationships and interactions that might be fostered with peers.
o Relationship of students with severe disabilities when social-focused
interventions are not in place.
o Approaches for assessing social needs.
o Key elements necessary for friendships and durable relationships.
o Evidence-based approaches for supporting relationships (identify at least 2)
➢ Search the scholar literature for research studies on interventions or instructional methods that are designed to address social competence and peer relationships.
Explore resources in A-State’s online library (i.e., professional journals, articles, etc.)
Use peer-refereed research studies. You may also use other scholarly sources (e.g., meta-analyses, literature reviews, and professional organization reviews of practices such as CEC).
➢ Justification: Identify and synthesize at least two primary research studies that have shown positive effects for possible instructional approaches/methods with students whose characteristics and needs are similar to the student’s we serve in Moderate Profound settings. These studies should come from scholarly journals that involve a peer-review process for publication.
➢ Use APA style must be used in writing your paper: formatting, in-text citations, and reference list must be used along with a title page, and running head.
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Approximately 250 words