Explain the major theories of human development

Topic: Explain the major theories of human development (cognitive, social, and moral) throughout various stages of life. Also, examine the major biological influences and how physical development relates to other areas of human development.
**In addition to providing the factual information to address the topic above, make sure you include your own discussion, examples, and applications of the material to demonstrate your understanding of the content and ability to critically think about the topics.***
TTW must be at least 350 words (though you will likely need more to fully examine the topic), with at least 3-5 paragraphs discussing the chosen weekly topic. A paragraph must have at least 3 sentences. The first paragraph (last sentence) should introduce the topic (topic sentence) and describe what the TTW is going to discuss, such as “In this mini-paper, the following will be elaborated on: (a) state the first area that you will discuss; (b) the second; and (c) third here…and so on.” (Note: In APA format, when there is a list, letters are used, not numbers.) Then, the body of the paper elaborates on each item that was mentioned in paragraph one. The second paragraph should discuss the first area (a), the third paragraph should discuss the second area (b), and so on. The last paragraph should begin with “In conclusion,” OR “In summary.” This allows the reader to know the end is near and that this paragraph will give a quick closing and review of the TTW.
Each TTW must use at least 2 sources, of which the text can be one and a credible journal or Internet article the other. Cite and reference your sources using APA style. There are APA resources in the Baker Online Library. Make sure you are telling the reader where you are getting your factual information within the text of your essay (citing) as well as including full references for sources used at the end of your assignment.