Explain the method of discovery.

Explain the method of discovery.

Consider the following scenario:

You are a consultant working with businesses affected by security breach, internal or external to the network. You work specifically for an eDiscovery company. Your job is to analyze the tools and electronic detection systems used to identify and recover from a security breach and provide a path for organizations hit by the breach.

The goal of your analysis is to determine what the company did well in response to the breach; what they could have done differently; and what changes they need to make in the future to resolve the remaining issues the company faced as a result of the breach.


For this assignment, you will identify a security breach; describe the eDiscovery tools used to determine and locate the breach; and analyze the actions the team took in response to the breach. Finally, you will analyze and discuss the steps that could be taken in the future to avoid the breach.

From personal experience or from a case study (found online or using information technology magazines), identify a real-life security breach that:

Compromised elements essential to the operation of a business
Required the implementation of a business continuity plan
Required the use of electronic tools to discover the breach and recover from it
Note: Be sure to select a security breach that has occurred since 2008.

Write a 7- to 9-page summary of the security breach that includes the following information.

Explain the method of discovery.
Explore electronic tools that were used to discover the breach and discuss their usefulness in the discovery process.
Evaluate the way the IT and disaster recovery team handled the situation.
Make recommendations to prevent security breaches in the future, focusing specifically on the tools used in the process of discovery. Be sure to choose sources for recommendations or process changes that are credible in the world of IT, such as scholarly sources or experts in security, often featured in IT magazines. You sh