Explain the practice of fasting during the month of Ramadan

  1. One specific link with the past religious history that is of particular significance for the Muslim story is (1 point)
  2. Muhammad’s spiritual experience of the seven heavens has always been a model for Muslims of (1 point)
  3. The Islamic vision of the good life requires that (1 point)
  4. Islamic law dictates that a man may marry as many as four wives, on the condition that (1 point)
  5. Explain the practice of fasting during the month of Ramadan (1 point)
  6. Identify the Five Pillars of Islam, and give a brief description of each (10 points)
  7. Most distinctive in the Muslim view of what lies behind human sin and evil-doing is the idea of (1 point)
  8. Identify what makes one a Muslim (1 point)
  9. Identify the Muslim confession of faith, using quotation marks (1 point)
  10. One of the first responses to the onslaught of the modern era was a (1 point)
  11. Identify the three Muslim empires that were especially important, and their geographical location (6 point)
  12. The primary source for interpreting the law of the Quran is the (1 point)
  13. The best way to achieve the unified, worldwide ummah is in the (1 point)
  14. The central story for Muslims to model their own life after is (1 point)
  15. An extremely important point that is established in Islam is that (1 point)
  16. Identify the goal of Islam (1 point)


Approximately 250 words