Explain the relationship between cell sizes and channel reuse in cellular networks?

Explain the relationship between cell sizes and channel reuse in cellular networks?
Describe how an internet email message is sent by one end user and delivered to another end user. You must specify the mail transport standard protocols used along the route. The sender uses a three-tiered client /server architecture (web-enabled email), and the receiver uses a two-tiered client/server email architecture.
Both DHCP servers and DNS servers send to a client computer an IP address, so what’s the difference between these two services?
Compared to wired networks, wireless communications must deal with serious propagation problems. Briefly describe three common wireless propagation problems?
Hosts A and B are on two different TCP/IP networks, Net 1 and Net2, respectively. Net 1 and Net 2 are interconnected through a router. Host A is sending a packet to Host B. Host A has both Host B’s and the router’s IP address. Explain
How Host A determines whether Host B is on Net 1 or Net 2?
What Host A does so that the packet can delivered to the router first?
Networks based on the TCP/IP standard employee three types of addresses: symbolic, numeric and physical. All of them are used to identify a given host (so that excludes the port number). Provide an example of each type of address? How are these addresses assigned? How are these addresses used in message transmission?
More and more companies are using the internet to meet their needs for wide area networking what are the attractions and issues of using the internet as a WAN solution?
What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6? What about their length?
What is NAT, and how does it work? Use a specific example. What are the benefits of using NAT?