Explain the role of an economist as a scientist as well as a policymaker.

Imagine the chief executive officer (CEO) of General Motors is concerned that members of the GM’s strategic planning committee are unfamiliar with basic economic principles. The CEO has assigned you the task of developing an 800- to 1,000-word report to review those basic principles.

Your report should include an introduction and a conclusion.  The message, Thesis Statements, Introductions, and Conclusions, which is posted as a Class Message, provides information on writing thesis statements, introductions, and conclusions.

Use the bolded words/phrases shown below as first-level headings for your paper.  Your paper should discuss the:

  • Roles of Economists.  Explain the role of an economist as a scientist as well as a policymaker.
  • Circular Flow Model.  Explain the interconnections displayed in the circular flow model with specific real-world examples of: (1) households, (2) firms, (3) product (goods/services) market, and (4) factor markets.  Be sure you explain the flow of money and goods in an economy.
  • Allocation of Resources.  Explain how an economy’s scarce resources are allocated by: (1) the forces of supply and demand, (2) prices, and (3) government policies.
  • Gross Domestic Product.  Define the term gross domestic product (GDP) and provide a specific real-world example of each of the four major components of GDP.
  • Consumer Price Index.  Explain how the consumer price index (CPI) is constructed.  The course text lists three problems inherent in the measuring changes in the cost of living – from your experience as a consumer, provide a specific real-world example of one of those three problems.