explain what are objects attributes and methods of the O-O model.

Object-Oriented Modeling You are a member of the systems development team for XYZ Car Manufacturer. The project manager has tasked you to design an object-oriented modeling for the company vehicle line that consists of cars, minivans, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids. The project manager has assigned you the following three tasks: 1. Briefly explain what are objects, attributes, and methods of the O-O model. 2. Draw an object model(s) and list a minimum of five attributes and five methods for the class and subclass for the XYZ Car Manufacturer (cars, minivans, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids). ITC 4010, System Analysis and Design 3 3. Lastly, draw a use case model of the buyer purchasing a vehicle. (Be sure to include class diagrams in your model.) Your assignment should contain a minimum of 300 words. Format your assignment using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism. NOTE: Windows and Mac owners: All you need is a simple drawing program such as Paintbrush. Mac owners can download the software from the Mac App Store.