Explain what capital structure is.

Research two companies that have a publicly traded stock. Compare and contrast the companies based on a financial risk (e.g., compare P/Es, beta).

Module 6 DQ 1

Find two publicly traded companies and compare and contrast them financially. Your comparison should include a brief ratio analysis”liquidity, asset
management, financial leverage, profitability, and market value. Explain your findings.

Module 6 DQ 2

What are the different categories of financial ratio analyses? What are they designed to monitor? Explain why a single ratio is not sufficient to assess a

Module 7 DQ 1

Explain the cash conversion cycle (CCC) and net working capital. Why is this important to the contemporary business leader? How do business decisions
regarding CCC and net working capital affect the company? Provide an example.

Module 7 DQ 2

Pick a company in the news (i.e., The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg) and report on a working capital issue the company faces. How do the principles in
this module come into play with your example company?

Module 8 DQ 1

Explain what capital structure is. Find two publicly traded companies and compare and contrast their capital structures.

Module 8 DQ 2

What is operating, financial, and total leverage? Explain the relationship between them.