Explain which of the three disciplines you chose and explain the theory behind your discipline.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an analysis of your learning in the course so far as it relates to your experience of conducting your first group session. This will be a somewhat more analytical and reflective treatment than your first two assignments in Units 3 and 4, and will include, among other things, an analysis of how your selected exercise, team experience, and session outcomes support your chosen discipline and change management theories. You will also describe your primary lessons gained from the team development experience, and the value and impact of using the disciplines to effect change. You will offer your recommendations for the use of this approach to meet the change management needs of your team and organization. The analysis you provide in this paper will resemble, to some extent, what is expected in your final paper to be submitted in Units 9 and 10. Hence its name, First Draft.


Using the narrative you completed in Unit 4 as your starting point, analyze the team development experience in the context of change management and the Five Disciplines theory. You will receive feedback from your instructor and peers, and you will have an opportunity to incorporate this feedback into your final draft due at the end of Unit 10.

Your analysis should include the following topics:

  • Change management and the first three of the Five Disciplines theories.
    • Summarize change management theory.
    • Explain which of the three disciplines you chose and explain the theory behind your discipline.
    • Analyze how the exercise, the team’s experience, and learning support your discipline and change management theories. You may choose from Mental Models, Personal Mastery, or Shared Vision and demonstrate your understanding of it using your experience from the interviews.
  • Learning as a facilitator from the first session of team development.
    • Write a section on your learning as a facilitator. What worked, what did not work, and what would you do differently next time?
    • How would you change your contract, your explanation of change management, the discipline, the exercise, your exercise choice, or your behavior during the team session to enhance the quality of team learning?
  • Session one summary statement.
    • Think about your experience from session one using one of these three disciplines to facilitate a team learning experience.
    • Describe the primary lessons you gained from this experience, the value of using one of the Five Disciplines, and the possibility of this approach to propel change and possibility.
    • Include recommendations about the use of this approach for change management needs for your team and the team’s larger organization.
  • Optional: Include two or three questions you have about this as