Explain who the stakeholders are Explain the role you have in this project

The Executive Team at TRI Fitness have discussed and agreed to a strategic goal of achieving operational consistency across all three (3) state operations which aligns to the overall strategic goals published in the TRI Fitness Company File. One part of the strategy to achieving national consistency and a uniform national presence is to have a national set of uniforms for all operational (customer service) staff across all states. This is a project that our CEO Klara Abram is very passionate about and she will have final approval on the uniform selection. The National Uniform Rollout Brief has been prepared which gives scope details on this project. Each State Manager has nominated their Administration Officer as the local contact to support this project they will be your primary points of contact for many of the project tasks and will need to keep an account of the hours they spend on project activities. Tracy Yapp the COO will be the Project Leader and will require your assistance with a mix of activities to help her organise and communicate with the state stakeholders. This will include the coordination of tasks to be completed at state level as well as reporting the progress of tasks to Tracy. You may also receive requests to make purchases and process invoices for payments. i. Using the TRI Fitness Email Template draft a communication to the State Administration Officers asking for their assistance with this project and outlining the reporting requirements. In your communication you should: Outline the purpose of this project Explain who the stakeholders are Explain the role you have in this project Outline how they can assist you A method to use to record the hours they spend on this project.