Explain why a coalition would be helpful in resolving this identified healthcare concern.

Description of the Identified Healthcare Concern

Description of the Identified Healthcare Concern
You are the Vice-President of Nursing Services at a 500 bed facility that provides healthcare to a 6 county region that occurs in two different but adjoining states. Recently you attended a national conference regarding infectious diseases and the potential for their spread with our current global environment. Upon return from the conference, you have a conversation with a local public health official who identifies that there is no regional plan to combat an infectious disease outbreak. In addition, the official noted the presence of several barriers which will make the development of a plan more of a challenge. These include, but are not limited to:
· Identification of a plan that would cover a large region and a diverse population of approximately one million people

· Identification of a plan that could be coordinated from one facility, but interact successfully with 6 different counties and two different state governments

· The presence of a regional airport which increases the opportunity for introducing an infectious disease to the region

From the conversation, you realize that a coalition will be needed and that macro leadership skills are required for the coalition to be successful. You now accept the challenge to build a coalition within the region to develop a plan that would resist a sudden outbreak of an infectious illness.

Description of the Assignment
The purpose of this project will be to address a healthcare concern occurring within a community by providing macro level leadership needed to build a coalition. The identified coalition will seek to resolve the healthcare concern.

· This assignment will be presented via PowerPoint and will include 15 – 20 slides (excluding
title and references slides).
· Introduction provides information regarding:
o Introductory slide(s) provided ALL of the following:
o Definition of macro-leadership
o Definition of coalitions
o Explanation why a coalition would be helpful in resolving this identified healthcare concern.
· Section One identifies macro-leadership skills and requires information related to each of the
following areas:
o Explain the difference between micro and macro leadership.
o Explain how a macro leader demonstrates: