explain why you feel there are some scenes/activities that should or should not be photographed?


In his position as the photographer for President Obama – in addition to having previously served in the same position during the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations – Pete Souza has been a part of and privy to the day-to-day activities and events of the President and his family. He and his staff capture moments that can be of an intimate nature, as newsworthy, as well as historical proportions via their cameras – in the over 8,000 photographs taken each week.


Access and view the National Geographic film “The President’s Photographer” – an outstanding video featuring an extensive look into the activities and role of President Obama’s photographer and Director of the White House Photo Office, Pete Souza. (You will find the video’s URL in Learning Module #10.

After watching the documentary, answer the three (1,2,3, 4, 5) five questions,

Pete Souza, as the President’s photographer and head of the White House Photo Office, has a diverse role. As seen in the film, Mr. Souza’s role and responsibilities are varied, including those as 1. an historian, 2. public relations professional, 3. a news reporter, 4. and a photojournalist.

However, not all presidential photographers are welcomed as Mr. Souza is by the President and his family. In fact, as seen in the video, former President Richard Nixon had little use for his photographer. To some, there is the sentiment that this position is unnecessary. After all, members of the press are also allowed to take photographs of the President. And why are pictures of his family necessary? While opponents see the PR advantage that the President has when running for a second term.


In essay form, respond to the following five questions:

Explain how and why Mr. Souza fulfills the four roles of:

Public relations professional,
A news reporter,
And a photojournalist.
Also, in an additional paragraph, explain why you feel there are some scenes/activities that should or should not be photographed?
You must provide a minimum of one, well thought-out paragraph for EACH of the four roles, as well as for #5. Your responses must provide/refer to specific references and examples from the film that supports your viewpoints.

. APA style references are not required.