Explainin your own wordswhy the Paradigm of Unlimited Growth is wrong.

Part 1 – Explain, in your own words, why the Paradigm of Unlimited Growth is wrong.

Include in your response a discussion of limits in nature and why unlimited economic growth is impossible.

Part 2 – Refer to the “Ecological Footprint Analysis” instructions. After you complete your own analysis, relate the concept of social justice to the paradigm of unlimited economic growth in Part 1 above.  How could this paradigm be changed with modifications in your own Ecological Footprint?

To complete your “Ecological Footprint” Evaluation:

1. Click on Begin My Evaluation (or link below) to access the Global Footprint Network’s “Footprint Calculator.”

2. “Under Select Your Location” above the map, click on the U.S. map and complete the detailed version of the quiz to calculate your ecological footprint.

3. Save the results of your footprint assessment (either by creating an account on the website or simply using your computer’s “Print Screen” functionality).

4. When you are finished, click “Explore Scenarios” to learn what you can do to lower your ecological footprint.