extra credit assignment 7 – Essay Writers

List of Extra Credit Movies
Write a 2 page response to the films for 5% extra credit.
The response should be two pages in length describing the basic premise of the movie and why it was significant to the course. Describe your thoughts on what it would have been like to have lived “in the movie.” What did you learn???
If you have another movie in mind and can convince me of its significance please let me know.
Public Enemies (John Dillinger 1930’s)
Untouchables (Elliot Ness vs Al Capone)
Road to Perdition (Great Depression Crime)
Lawless (Prohibition)
The Good Shepherd (CIA)
Thirteen Days (Cuban Missile Crisis)
All the Presidents Men (Watergate Scandal)
Battle in Seattle (WTO Protests)
Fahrenheit 9/11
Fahrenhype 9/11
Why we Fight (Leftist examination of American War Fighting)
Unconstitutional : The War On Our Civil Liberties (2004 – Civil Rights Documentary)
Too Big to Fail (2008 financial meltdown)
The Unelected: Lobbies and the Media. (The Media and Lobbies influence on Govt)
Rendition (2007 / National Security Policy)
Crips and Bloods: Made in America (African-American Gang History)
Amazing Grace (British Transatlantic Slave Trade)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Napoleonic Wars – Naval Conflict)
Shaka Zulu (African History)
Last of the Mohicans (The French/Indian Wars)
The Patriot (American Revolution)
A Tale of Two Cities (1980 / French Revolution)
The Bounty (1984 / Mutiny on British Naval Vessel)
Amistad (Pre-Civil War Slavery)
Gettysburg (Civil War Battle)
Gods and Generals (Civil War Battle)
Glory (Civil War Battle/African-American rights)
Lincoln (Civil War Politics)
The Last Samurai (Satsuma Rebellion / Meiji Restoration)
The Trench (World War I/British Perspective yet critical to Trench Life)
Flyboys (World War I)
Fat Man and Little Boy (Atomic Bombs)
Saving Private Ryan (World War II)
Downfall (World War II / Germany / Hitler / Subtitles)
We Were Soldiers (Vietnam War)
Thirteen Days (Cuban Missile Crisis)
The Green Zone (2010, Iraq directly after 2003 invasion)
Sicko (US Health Care)
Hotel Rwanda
Zero Dark Thirty
Shindler’s List
Lions and Lambs
Black Hawk Down
Charlie Wilsons War
Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? (U.S. Economy)
Inside Job (U.S. Economy)
All the Presidents Men (Watergate Scandal)
Battle in Seattle (WTO Protests)
The War Room (Clinton Election Campaign)
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