Fall prevention in ER


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the daily routine in the hospital setting especially the emergency room as these patients are frequently
misidentified. It is very important in identifying possible patient problems and fall risk patients as they enter
the ER and help with keeping nurses accountable for their actions regarding protocols. I am currently
working in a very busy Emergency department that is generally always at full occupancy and with that
patients are generally doubled up in cubicles and on walls making the risk for falls greater due to the
commotion and capacity of space occupied alone, not including health related factors or risks any individual
patient may have currently existing. Fall prevention protocols are in place but are often changing when the
statistics call for it. There has been a fall screening implemented as a hard stop required protocol when
being triaged upon entering the ER

There are many downfalls to this nursing practice, specifically (a) patient
safety (b)
Nurses not rounding enough on patients in the ER setting,