Family Nursing Theory Paper and Presentation

Demonstrate the application of Family Theory to a real or fictional family in a 4-5 page paper. The paper should demonstrate proper introduction and conclusion as well as proficient APA (6th ed) and writing mechanics. Be prepared to Discuss with class and present the “poster” – can be electronic) depicting the family dynamics
• Briefly introduce family & basic elements of assessment (based on Friedman).
• Include family form & membership—(who is in the family you are discussing, brief background)
• Use Friedman Family Assessment Tool
• Discussion of Family Structure AND Function discussion
• One family theory (Include explanation of theory components and application to this family)
• Diagrams (2) Presented: Genogram AND Ecomap Diagrams—must be labeled including key
Paper and Presentation is worth 140 points *All files posted on Canvas must be put into the following format Last Name, First Name Title of paper Semester i.e.: Smith, Susan World View Paper Sp2018.docx