Fiscal and Resource Utilization in Nursing


As a nursing leader, you have been asked to develop a program that allows greater access to care. Must have the following topic headings within the content section of your assignment: • Cover Page • Content Section o Introduction o Financial & Resource Utilization Considerations o Primary Data Needed by Nurse Leaders to Develop a Proposal o Connecting Organizational Strategy to the Proposal o Outcome Measures to be Tracked o Project Tracking Tools o Conclusion • Reference Page • Based on your research, write a 4- to 5-page paper that addresses the following questions: • What financial and resource utilization issues must be taken into account while developing a nursing program proposal? • What are the fiscal and other types of resources available? • What strategic decisions should a nursing leader consider while developing a nursing program proposal in terms of resource utilization? Why? • How can nursing leaders track the impact of these strategic decisions monthly as well as yearly? What tools are available to nursing leaders to track the impact of these strategies?


Approximately 250 words