Focuses on diversity in the workplace

This week’s topic focuses on diversity in the workplace. Workplace diversity is not just a question of nationality or language. It refers to a wide range of characteristics of difference. It includes, for example, issues of disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. To accommodate this changing demographic fact, schools have tweaked curricula and businesses have altered personnel policies. Diversity programs don’t only preach diversity acceptance but are also set up to promote and enhance it.(see below for links (copy and paste on bowser)

First, be specific about these readings by referencing two articles/videos from this week’s Module that have made an impression on you and tell us why. Remember to cite and reference any sources.

Also, share your definition and thoughts about diversity. Would like to hear more about your definition and your feelings re the pros and cons of diversity in the workplace aside from what you read in any articles.

Next, please comment on the state of workplace diversity at your internship. Is diversity training offered at your place of employment? Have you participated in any type of diversity training? Please tell us about it if you have experienced this in your workplace.

Please make sure that you respond to any questions that I post to your thread. Additionally, make sure that you respond to the posts of at least two classmates.
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Approximately 250 words