For example** Preventing heart disease in African American women. The specific issue could be to increase health screenings start a walking program or start an information campaign to inform them of S&ampS of heart disease.

All interventions should be specific to this population. do not want a disease management plan as part of the interventions. Meaning do not do the standard, teach about nutrition, start an exercise program, get check ups, take medications. You can not use the standard patient education material you would use in the hospital. The program must be culturally competent and you need to collaborate with this population in your community to develop the plan or to understand their issues and perspectives.

Please discuss the following

How does this project fulfill one arm of the mission of public health: social justice?
How does it contribute to social change?
Discuss your role as an advocate and health care leader in promoting positive social change as a scholar-practitioner to improve the health of vulnerable populations in your community.
Please use evidence from the readings and include in-text citations. Avoid quotes; paraphrase to incorporate evidence into your own writing. A reference list is required. Use the most current evidence (usually ≤ 5 years old).