For Pedigree #2 review the feedback from pedigree #1 and incorporate the feedback into the pedigree portion of this assignment. Prepare AT LEAST a three (3) generation pedigree AND answer the questions associated with the case. Please see syllabus for assignment guidelines.

The article Standardizing Human Pedigree Nomenclature by Bennett et al. (2008) will be especially helpful. You may use a computer program (make sure you do not have to pay to use it) or you may draw it by hand. All elements outlined in the rubric in the syllabus must be present. If you use a computer program you are responsible for ALL required elements, even if the program does not support the requirement.
Please use the “Pedigree Discussion Board” to post questions related to this assignment.
For this assignment you will be assigned one of these case studies: Jeff (BRCA2), Peggy (PTSD), or Larry (clopidogrel). Access your case within this folder, then complete the assignment.
1. Review assignment specifics in the rubric in the syllabus.
2. Construct the pedigree
3. Answer the questions associated with the case. The questions are located within the case.
4. Include title page and a reference page in APA format.