For this assignment you will need to identify five (5) health information resources related to a specific health issue (which is Diabetes) These resources must include one (1) educational video one (1) website one (1) government document (e.g. guidelines reports statistical summaries any source with .gov) one (1) educational brochure or fact sheet and one (1) journal article (research article).

NOTE: You must attach to your critiques: a copy of the title page of the gov’t document; a copy of the brochure/fact sheet; a copy of the website home page; and a copy of the journal article.
Please use the outline below to critique each resource: write one page for each source and feel free to use subheadings.
I. Brief Summary (paragraph length) (type of resource, purpose, and basic content)
II. II. Critique of Material (based on the following):
A. Intended Audience: Who do you think is the intended audience for this material? Include approximate ages or grade/education levels, sex, race/ethnicity, occupation, or other relevant information.
B. Evaluation of Source: Appropriateness for intended audience; relevance of information provided; is the source current or out-of-date (date of publication or last update/revision); visual appeal (for video, brochures, government documents, and websites); reading level (for brochure/fact sheet); credibility of source (author credentials, institutional affiliation; scholarly or popular source? reputable/reliable source? Describe).
C. Personal Reaction: What do you think about this resource material? What do you like and dislike about it? Would you use this material in your health education and promotion efforts? Why or why not? Other comments or suggestions for use.