How can we impact our students by promoting a growth mindset?

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How can we impact our students by promoting a growth mindset?

When I think about a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset, I think about how the way we react to things can affect our students. Students become encouraged and discouraged easily from our feedback. As an educator fixed mindsets could cause a student to be stuck on what they did wrong vs growth mindsets helping the student realize that they will do a better job next time. For example, let’s use riding a bike. When a student tries to learn the skills of riding a bike, if they fall, instead of giving up and saying they will never learn, they will have the mindset of getting back up and trying again because they know that learning is possible. In my classroom I will teach my students to have that “I can do it” mentality! They will learn that nothing is perfect. It doesn’t matter if they are learning to ride a bike, learning how to read, or even racing with friends. To avoid fixed mindsets, we must start early with children so that they can one day grow up with that growth mindset and even inspire adults that it’s okay if something doesn’t work out the first time. It just means to try harder.

–  Floymesha Odom


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