Organizational Behavior/Survey

Each answer should be a minimum of 150 words. Fictional and random examples can be used to answer the questions below.

1.  Which of the five bases of power do you use most frequently in professional contexts like school or work.  Explain your answer.

2. What are you doing and what could you do to expand your expert power in the accounting field?

3.  Compare and contrast empowerment and micromanagement.

4. Describe a situation from your own experiences where you, or someone you work with, employed one of the frequently used political tactics described in Table 12.2.  Did it work in obtaining the desired objective?

5. Choose a specific boss or teacher and use them to answer the following questions.  Please do not tell me the actual name of the person, where they work, or which class they teach/taught. 

A. Would you describe this person as a transactional leader, a servant leader, a passive leader, or a transformational leader?  Why?

B. Would you describe this person as “good at their job?”  Are/Were they effective?

6. What is your opinion of the task structure?  Do you prefer many explicit instructions as opposed to freedom within generic guidelines?  Do you think that your preference for more task structure or less task structure correlates to your natural proclivity to empower or micromanage?


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