Our demands effect the market

Discussion Thread 1: Online abortion pill interest soars after the demise of Roe v. Wade. The trend of Online shopping has been around for decades and will never die any time soon and will be around forever. A lot has been changing in  world of E-commerce everyday. Our lifestyle directly impacts on how, what and when we shop. Our behavior directly impacts the market. Our demands effect the market. Whatever we can find in a retail market we are most likely to find online. This time E-commerce is going to be a game changer when it comes to female health. Ever since Supreme court decided to overturn Roe Vs. Wade abortion seekers are turning to online resource to seek care they need. Telehealth abortion traffic has skyrocketed past few weeks  Visits to telehealth abortion platforms soared to 436,727, up 2,585% from the day before the decision was released. Choix, Hey Jane and Just the Pill, which were introduced few years ago to offer women in a limited number of states abortion prescriptions via telemedicine and delivered by mail has benefited a lot from this platform. The demand of the pills has more than double when compared to last month average. Numerous states are moving to ban all forms of abortion, including 19 states that have already banned telemedicine abortions, but this is a largely unregulated space. The availability of telehealth and mail order abortion makes an outright ban incredibly difficult to enforce. Those looking to acquire abortion pills in the currently hostile legislative climate are increasingly using the many telehealth options popping up online.


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