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Task 1
* Explain what a Public/Private partnership plan proposal should consist of, and why one should exist.
* Identify your jurisdiction you selected and describe the critical infrastructure in your jurisdiction.
* Name 5 private industries in your jurisdiction you believe you should have a partnership with (MOA/MOA)
* Discuss the benefits of public/private partnerships
* Discuss the role of public/private partnerships
* Discuss your jurisdiction and name 2 natural disasters and 2 man-made hazards or threats your jurisdiction faces….Describe in details.
* Core missions of national preparedness goal can be achieved by focusing on the 5 key core mission and Define
* Describe how each of your 5 private sector industries or companies you selected can partner with the city to help the city achieve these 5 missions from the 4 threats/hazards you listed.
*Outline form *
Task 2
The plan developed by the group must address the following at minimum:

Situation and assumptions

What are the circumstances? (Hint: Create a scenario.)


What is the chain of command? Explain.


What are the objectives of the plan? Explain.

Concept of operations

What are the functions and tasks that will be performed to fulfill the plan’s goals and missions?

Organization and assignment of responsibilities

Who is in charge of specific functions and tasks? Why?

Direction and control

How will the processes of the plan stay on course? Explain.

Plan development and maintenance

*800 to 1000 words
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