Post Revision
1. Choose which post you want to revise. Look at all of your previous posts and determine which one would best lend itself to a 3-5 page revision.This doesnt necessarily mean choose your favorite response, if your favorite response was so good that dont have anything to add to it. The ideal choice is the post that you feel like youve learned the most about, or would like to learn more about.
2. Ask yourself, what is my argument? What is my thesis statement? What do you need to add to make your thesis more convincing?
3. Look at your classmates posts. Did most people say the same thing as you, or were they different? What can you learn from your classmates that might sharpen your argument? Take notes on those points.
4. Look to your lecture notes. Were there any points that you learned in lecture that might help you add to your argument in your post?
5. Make an outline. What is your argument? What evidence do you need to prove that your position is supported? What might possible objections to that be? How would you explain away those objections? What is your conclusion?
6. Revise. This assignment is graded not as a first draft like the posts, but as a finished product. Your spelling, grammar, and clarity matter for your grade, so make sure to check them before you turn it i


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