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The following are examples of problems where a student is required to show work. When working such problems, show as many steps in the process as possible. It may be helpful to use the examples from the textbook or the study guide to model your steps. Showing all steps can help your instructor award partial credit in the event that the overall answer is incorrect but the work is partially correct. A correct answer without the demonstration of steps for solving the problem will not receive full credit.
Example: Place the following two gases in order of increasing average molecular speed at 300K: H2S and HBr. Explain your answer.
Correct Way to Solve the Problem:
Since there is a small difference between the average molecular speed µavg and the root mean squared (rms) speed µrms we can assume that the following equation is a good reference for determining differences in µavg
µrms = √(3RT/M)
You will notice that since the temperature is constant amongst all molecules in the gas phase and the gas phase constant is, indeed, always constant. Therefore, the only difference between molecules is their molar mass M. M is in the denominator so molecules with smaller molar mass (M) will have a higher molecular speed.
MH2S = 34.08 g/mol
MHBr = 80.91 g/mol
So the series for this answers is:
(slowest) HBr < H2S (fastest)
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