racism in warfare and or war and society

Please comparing racism vs African Americans from the Civil War until the end of the 19th century with racism against the western Indians – you could even bring in the Buffalo Soldiers who fought the Indians as part of your comparison. Please also include the bibliography and notes.Use footnotes.

Content. You will submit a 6-9 page paper, double-spaced, on a topic relating to military history
from First Contact in the Americas through the Civil War. You must have the entire sixth page
in order to meet the minimum. You may choose a topic discussed in class (a running list is
posted on MyCourse), or one of your own creation. You may cover one American conflict, or
multiple conflicts.
The 6-9 pages does not include the bibliography, but does include
notes. Use footnotes,not end notes, and employ the Turabian Chicago style for both your notes
and the bibliography. Ensure 1” margins all around and size 12 font.
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