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For this assignment follow the instructions: You need the book Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong is a 1995 book by James W. Loewen Please only bid if you have access to the book LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME. by James W Loewen

Your response should be 800 words complete in MLA Style

Lies My Teacher Told Me
Chapters 11 in our text and in this book bring up some thought provoking ideas about the future of America and thus our own futures. The author reports on how history in our textbooks has ill prepared us for reality because it sandwiches events into a form that always paints a rosy picture at the end. It suggests that we, as a nation are progressing – so both good and bad happens – but as long as we are progressing – we are doing well. History textbooks, the author laments, do not describe in depth the positions some of our leaders and representatives that have led us to be ignorant of or dismissive of which are problems in a global world that we cannot ignore.
On September 11, 2001 (we refer to it as 9/11 now) more than 3000 American died after terrorists crashed commercial airlines planes into the two World Trade Center buildings in New York and the Pentagon- and crashed a plane into the ground that never made it to its presumed crash site- the White House. Ten years later, American CIA and a Navy Seal Special Ops team invaded the compound where Osama bin Laden was hiding and killed him and others, ending a desired retaliation for commandeering the 9/11 attack.
On another note, our 21st century progress has led to energy and global–warming crises and the extinction of thousands of species. The author reports that a third of amphibians, a fourth of the world’s animals and an eighth of its birds are being demolished by human progress. Nuclear proliferation poses a threat- even if by accident – such as the radioactive substances released after the earthquake and tsunami that damaged the reactors in Japan. We came close to using nuclear weapons in Vietnam and they were almost used between India and Pakistan in 2002.
Textbooks that end with painting a positive picture of the future, make us have faith that as Americans we can always handle whatever happens so why worry about it- and doing this also sells more books to schools so publishers keep on doing it. The big disservice though – is that it prevents intelligent and open discussion among students about how to accept what is happening to find effective means to work with the circumstances-solve problems with a clear eye to a realistically “better” future.
Discussion: What is your take on the issues mentioned above and others in the text with regard to what you have been taught, what you believe is reality and what does this awareness suggest that you do about it. Be detailed and specific. Really think about your answer before you write it. 300+ word minimum. What obstacles do we have to truth in our own country today? What does it mean to be aware that communication produces a response?
Consult chapter 11 in the text and in this book for accurate answers. Do not submit just your opinion.
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