web development exercise 7 1

In this project, you will create a database to contain tables of batting_x000D_
                     statistics for major league baseball teams. You will then create a table_x000D_
                     named teamstats in the baseball_stats database and add records_x000D_
                  to the new table from a file named team_stats.txt in your Projects
         1.   Log in to MySQL Monitor with your root account or with the_x000D_
                                            user name and password supplied by your ISP or instructor._x000D_
         2.   Enter the following command to create a database named_x000D_
                                            mysql> CREATE DATABASE baseball_stats;[ENTER ]_x000D_
        3.   After you see the “Query OK” message, enter the following_x000D_
                                            command to select the baseball_stats database:_x000D_
                                            mysql> USE baseball_stats;[ENTER ]_x000D_
4.   After you see the “Database changed” message, type_x000D_
        the following command to ensure that you selected the_x000D_
        baseball_stats database:_x000D_
        mysql> SELECT DATABASE();[ENTER ]_x000D_
   5.   Enter the following command to create the teamstats table._x000D_
        The Team field uses the VARCHAR data type. Eleven of the col-                   439_x000D_
        umns use INT data types, and the remaining two fields use_x000D_
        FLOAT data types. Each of the statistical field names uses com-_x000D_
        mon baseball abbreviations, such as G for games, AB for at-_x000D_
        bats, R for runs, and HR for home runs._x000D_
        mysql> CREATE TABLE teamstats (Team VARCHAR(50),_x000D_
        FirstYear INT,[ENTER ]_x000D_
            -> G INT, W INT, L INT, Pennants INT, WS INT,[ENTER ]_x000D_
            -> R INT, AB INT, H INT, HR INT, AVG FLOAT,[ENTER ]_x000D_
            -> RA INT, ERA FLOAT);[ENTER ]_x000D_
   6.   After you see the “Query OK” message, enter the following_x000D_
        command to display the structure of the new table:_x000D_
        mysql> DESCRIBE teamstats;[ENTER ]_x000D_
   7.   Enter a LOAD DATA statement that inserts records from the_x000D_
        team_stats.txt file in your Projects directory for Chapter 7_x000D_
                                                                         Use the_x000D_
        into the teamstats table. Replace path_to_PHP_folders with_x000D_
                                                                         MySQL serv-_x000D_
        the full path for your PHP_Projects directory for Chapter 7.     er’s direc-_x000D_
        mysql> LOAD DATA INFILE 'path_to_PHP_folders/                    tory path,_x000D_
        Chapter.07/Projects/team_stats.txt'[ENTER ]                      not the Web_x000D_
            -> INTO TABLE teamstats;[ENTER ]                             URL path._x000D_
   8.   After you see the “Query OK” message, enter the following_x000D_
        command to view all the records in the teamstats table:_x000D_
        mysql> SELECT * FROM teamstats;[ENTER ]_x000D_


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