Wells Fargo Case Analysis

Wells Fargo Case Analysis

Questions to consider…

  1. Describe the “unauthorized customer accounts” referenced in the title of the case. What did the bank and its employees do?  Which stakeholders were helped, and which were harmed by these actions?
  2. Do you believe Wells Fargo demonstrated an ethical corporate culture? Why or why not?  In your response, please consider both the formal ethics policies of the bank and ethical leadership as modeled by its senior executives and board of directors.
  3. Describe “cross-selling.” What were the benefits of cross-selling to the bank and its shareholders?  In what ways did cross-selling contribute to the problems Wells Fargo later faced?
  4. If you were an employee of Wells Fargo and felt pressured to cross-sell to customers, even when you felt this was inappropriate, what would you have done?
  5. Did Wells Fargo respond appropriately to employees who voiced their concerns about unauthorized accounts? What should it have done differently?
  6. What steps would you recommend Wells Fargo, its senior managers, and its board of directors do now to prevent such events from occurring again in the future?


Approximately 250 words